First Prize
"Wearing" (2018).  Mixed media: pencil, pen, cigarette ash, borrowed makeup. 
Ace Walton
Second Prize
"Blanks (or, Untitled)"
Who and what defines us? Our families, our community, our culture, our biology,
our selves?
This collection of eight androgynous, felted wool figures is an exploration of these
questions and a contribution to the larger, ongoing dialogue about identity.
When we come into this world, we are named by our guardians. In this simple
act of naming-by-other is the course of our identity already charted — or, even
unintentionally co-opted? When, if ever, do we claim our right to define our
individual identity, examine its definition, and possibly refine or change it over
Today, personal identity is having its rightful day in the sun. Many of us are
taking back from society, culture, or other perceived authorities, our definition
of who we are at the most fundamental level, and how we want to present to the
world. We are human, and perhaps we should leave it at that until we have
experienced the world firsthand, have responded to it, and have made some sense
of it. Enough so that we can say, "I am _____" — and then fill in the "blank" —
or, even draw the conclusion that "I am." is a complete sentence in and of itself.”
Kim Buchheit
Third Prize
"the relationship"
George Strasburger
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